1. Building the MIDI to relay light controller Prototype

  2. MIDI to light system up and running.

    Still yet to add a few more things but for the most part it is done. Was rushing to get this project done in time for a house party coming up, way ahead of schedule!

  3. The Brains of the first LoFi Future MIDI controlled lighting system

    Based on an arduino nano and an easily available relay board, this circuit can be used for any MIDI controlled switching application. That means MIDI controlled circuit bends and modular patching ;) But in this case, it will be controlling over 10M of LED strip for use at house parties and gigs.

  4. Custom Built Bazz Fuss

    Built inside a tin that once housed an emergency food ration that would be carried by pilots in the event of becoming stranded. The beautifully simple Bazz Fuss circuit by Christian H is fitted with a NOS Fairchild PN2369.

  5. LoFi Future - Analog Video Processor/Synthesizer


  7. LoFi Future - GrooveBoy XL

    2 instances of Nanoloop running MIDI synced to the MPC

  8. Blood, Sweat, Tears and Flux

  9. Deep Blue Delay Clone

    I built this DBD clone to be used with synthesizers/drum machines. No bypass switch, just a dry/wet knob.

    Simple labeling and a brushed aluminum panel. I plan to use this type enclosure more in the future.

  10. Testing the Groove Boy XL along side an MPC500 MIDI synced.